Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is Growing!

Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is growing! Our mission remains the same … to save the lives of as many dogs in the west Texas region and find them forever homes, but with one very exciting addition. Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is extremely proud to announce that we have officially expanded our rescue operations into the northeastern US. Most of you are aware of the overpopulation problem in Texas and the shortage of adoptable dogs in the Northeastern states. This expansion gives us an opportunity to solve two issues at once, by saving at risk dogs from west Texas and transporting them to the northeast where forever families are waiting for their new best friends.

We are extremely fortunate and proud to embark upon this mission with our rescue partners and sisters in rescue, The Happy Day Humane Society in Big Spring, Texas and Cassie’s Place in San Angelo, Texas. Together, we are excited to announce that on July 13th we will begin our life saving mission and transport our first group of dogs from Texas. We appreciate your past support of Yellow Rose and are looking forward to your continued support with our new mission. Please stay tuned to our page for more important announcements in the near future.

Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer run organization that is dependent upon donations from the public to continue operations. Saving lives is costly, we are committed to providing our dogs with the best care available, their health and safety is first. Please consider a donation to help us get started. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please visit our donations page, or send donation directly to our Paypal address at If you prefer to write a check please contact us for a mailing address.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, there are many ways in which you can contribute to this important life-saving mission by transporting or fostering. Please send us a private message or email us at for more information.

Donate Today

Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is run entirely by volunteers.  Would you please consider donating to help us continue our mission.  All donations are tax deducttible.  

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