Won't you consider a donation today? 

Yellow Rose Animal Rescue is on a mission to save as many dogs as possible from homelessness, abuse or euthanasia. Texas has an overwhelming over-population problem and we are dedicated to helping these animals find wonderful, loving forever homes. The expenses related to saving a dog almost always exceeds the adoption fees we receive. 

You can help make a difference in the life of a homeless dog today. We fully understand the financial hardships that we all face today. Please know that no amount is too small as every dollar adds up. We are a 100% volunteer run organization and every dollar you donate goes directly toward the care of an animal in need.


Your tax deductible donation pays for so many necessary services that these dogs would not receive otherwise. Things such as spay/neuter, shelter pull fees, vaccinations, transport, quarantine and other medical expenses such as dental care or other expensive surgeries are all vital to the health and wellbeing of these dogs. We just never know what needs will arise as each dog and each rescue situation is different. What we do know is that without the generosity of our supporters, none of these dogs could be saved, cared for and eventually placed into their forever homes to know kindness and true love. That's why we do what we do. And that's why we need your help today!

Please make checks payable to 'Yellow Rose Animal Rescue' and mail to:


               Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, Treasurer

                7 Forge Parkway

                Frranklin, MA 02038 

Full sponsorship for a Yellow Rose rescue dog.  Your donation of a full sponsorship will provide a dog with everything he or she needs to make it out of the shelter and into a loving forever home. Spay/ Neuter, complete vaccinations and bloodwork, interstate health certificate, microchip, a new leash, harness and collar for the trip home.  Donation - $450.00

Sponsor transport for a Yellow Rose rescue dog.   Transport is by far our largest expense, Yellow Rose Animal rescue uses a USDA licensed and inspected transport company to transport our dogs to the northeastern US.  But this comes at a cost, please consider sponsoring a ride for a dog to his/her forever home.  Donation - $175.00

Sponsor a Spay/Neuter for a Yellow Rose rescue dog.  It is the policy of Yellow Rose Animal Rescue to spay and neuter all dogs prior to placing them in forever homes.  Spay / Neutering is not only better for the health of the dogs but it is essential in controlling the population and preventing unwanted litters. It is also one of our biggest expenses.  Please consider sponsoring spay / neuter for a yellow rose dog today. Donation - $100.00

Sponsor vaccines for a Yellow Rose rescue dog.  As required by law Yellow Rose provides complete set of vaccinations to all dogs prior to transport and adoption.  These vaccinations include, Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP  and ensure protection against various illnesses and ensures the health of our dogs.  Donation - $50.00 

Sponsor a leash, collar, harness and ID tag. At Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, the safety of our dogs during transport is of utmost importance.  All dogs are outfitted with collar and harnesses and an ID tag prior to being placed on transport. This is an important step in insuring their safety during their trip to their forever homes.  Donation - $40.00

Sponsor a microchip for a Yellow Rose rescue dog.   All Yellow Rose Animal Rescue dogs are microchipped prior to placement in their forever homes.  This important step will assist in returning a dog to his/ her proper owner should they ever become lost.   Donation - $30.00


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